We can Manufacture any kind of plastic Components for any kind of applications

We Present our Entire Range of Speedometer Drive and Driven Gears, Oil Pump Gears, Tachometer Gears and speedo hub drives for LCV, Cars, Jeeps, Motorcycles, Scooter and Mopeds.

Our components are made up of High performance engineering plastics such as POM, PA-6 PA-66, PPS, PA-46 etc.We procure these products from leading and reputed producers like POLYPLASTICS JAPAN, DUPONT, DSM, Cheveron philips etc.beside , we do tailor made products which have extra performing properties to suit customers specific requirements, using tailor made compounds for the products. The use of Non-metal Thermoplastic Gears are growing rapidly. It is prompted by Industries Expanding need for lighter weight Mechanical units quieter operation and most importantly lower costs.

Rv Industries an ISO/TS 16949-2002 company was established almost four decades ago.Ever since it has left no stone unturned in providing products of the higest quality.As OEM Supplier it is engaged in the manufacturing of speedometer Drive and Driven Gears, Oil Pump Gears, Tachometer Drive Assemblies and Speedo Drive Unit Assemblies and catering to the needs of major automobile companies in India and Overseas.

Our Motto

Quality with Cost Advantage

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